Roger Ball Portrait

Since I’m a photographer and not a wordsmith, I normally let my work speak for itself. That’s always been my philosophy at least, but I realize you may want to know a few things about the man behind the camera.

As an Asheville, NC native, I have always loved the the mountains of our state and often hike and backpack their trails with my friends. I have a great appreciation for our pioneer heritage and with my wife have relocated and restored two antique log cabins to the Boone area. Working on these are the Ying to my Yang. ( If you wish to know more about them or interested in renting, please take a look at our FB page dedicated to both cabins! )

I’ve been in the image making business for a while—for over 30 years actually. I’ve been blessed to work with some great long-time corporate clients and creative folks who have kept me busy, kept me challenged, and sent me off to shoot in lots of interesting places around the world. They trust my eye for detail, my technical skills and the ability to never to let them down. They depend on me to come back with “the shot” every time. I’ve always been grateful for that trust and strive to live up to it.

I’ve met a bunch of incredible people in my travels and have seen some fascinating businesses and operations. Who else gets the chance to travel a mile underground in a Pennsylvania coal mine, stand atop of a 300 ft. wind turbine in Texas or take pics of a new Mercedes on a medieval bridge in Germany?

Yep, I love my job.

Of course, not all shoots are that interesting. But I do approach every one of them with the same thought and consideration, with an eye toward making the next image even better than the last one.

So take a look at my work. If you like what I do and have something that might be up my alley, please, email me or give me a call to discuss. I’d love to help you out!

All Images © Roger Ball/ All Rights Reserved

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